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For the glory of UR | Zemial

The sinister lore in its pure, archaic form. The opus's unpretentious ambience and the preternatural ideology is a cornerstone, not just for the ancient masters but for the the modern life's occult pathfinder as well. Enjoy it as you decipher the classics: with humility, respect and with the urge to understand it in its deepest form.

The decade's darkest

Blizzard's subjective list that compiles the best Black Metal albums of the past 10 years, let's see what the past decade offered to us in black arts.

Hallow Mass | Denial of God

This album is the background music while you wait in the line for your initiation ceremony by the gate of the evil undead. Classic toning, vicious vocals and unholy atmosphere, all three could support one during the first week in a catholic boarding school or in juvie.

Utolsó Vágta Az Univerzumban | Siculicidium

Unheard, archaic incantations from the very beginning of the creation, translated for the modern day’s occultist candidates by clean and recent sounding. The stable, monotonous tones work well with open fires, lonely lamentations or could be a musical backdrop for any supernatural sacrament.