Corrupt Conversation | Siculicidium

Conversation with Pestifer on behalf of the Szekler Black Metal band, Siculicidium

How would you like to influence your audience through your music, what kind of impact you'd like to give?

I would like that those who are listening our music, by the mood of our act to realize that they are lonely riders in this thing called life and since the day he was born he just started his first and also last gallop in the universe. You or coming alone and you go alone. This gallop will be your only chance so you better live your life by the way of your heart. Easy rider!

What is your personal credo? Do you follow a religious, moral or theoretical code?

I do follow a way of my own personal religion, moral and ethical codes. From a social point of view i can be perceived as man who do follows a kind of moral code. I don not follow though or involved in any kind of institutionalised religion, cult or gentlemen club. I think you should act on others by the way you want to be acted upon. That’s my easy rider law.

What is the main motivation that drives you to create music?

I like to taste life with everything it gives and takes, I like to observe nature, society, and I have great urge of satisfying my emotional need to create something to fill those unknown empty voids of questions of doubt. It is emotional self-pleasure and creative therapy. But the musical result is an experience you can share with others so it is becoming more deep and connected with society and its interwinding, so by the time is like a virus getting spread through a network, so it is getting almost a pornographic act. Quite dirty anyway. You undress your soul to strangers.

What are the answers that only black metal can provide to the recent life we live in?

Black metal is a personal experience. Listening to real black metal opens up gates to your inner self, opens up new dimensions, you can open new channels to get close to your core.

What is the recent status of your local black metal community?

I do not know of any black metal community. In Szeklerland we are only Siculicidium and Wolfsgrey which actually are the same people and we have some friends in Death Noize. I know not any other black metal related bands, nothing I can remember.

You just recently reissued your debut album Utolsó Vágta Az Univerzumban on vinyl format. Please share your personal feelings on this album!

It was the result of years of some great emotional turmoil fighting with life and sometimes our own-selves. There is a lot of frustration, irritation, hate and negative emotions into that album. But what I like the best is the fact that in some moments there is inspirative emotion beyond all the anger the album is filled with. There is a beam of light which sometimes enters the black void. But this new one we’re recording right now will a stare into the black void.