Corrupt Conversation | The Fall

Conversation with The Fall on behalf of the Polish bands Owls Woods Graves, Over The Voids and Medico Peste.

How would you like to influence your audience through your music, what kind of impact you'd like to give?

I don't want to influence anyone. Rather than that I want to be a storyteller. I want someone I don't know to go and listen to the story, to immerse in the setting of the album. Take your headphones, go alone on a walk in the darker side of your city, listen and sink in the atmosphere and aggression.

What is your personal credo? Do you follow a religious, moral or theoretical code?

I don't believe in any religious, new age or occult system that would give us any reliable answers about the world beyond. I think morals sadly don't pay off. Not in the afterlife, nor in any way of karmic experience and not in daily life. You can be a warcrime, live a pleasant life and die in peace. You can be a good, descent person and die being stabbed by someone who you helped before.

Despite all the nihilism I do believe is important not to drown yourself in hedonism and selfishness. Take your time on earth, have a bit of fun, be vigilant but also be good to others, don't harm people, don't harm animals, think, analyse and be kind, even thought it might never pay off.

I don't think I have one personal credo, but "constant shallowness leads to evil", as from the 2000 recording of Coil is something that is in my mind very often currently.

What is the main motivation that drives you to create music?

Fear of death. One and only.

What are the answers that only black metal can provide to the recent life we live in?

"Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe"

Answer is in how you read it, not in what you read.

What is the recent status of your local black metal community?

I think it is pretty good. Kraków is community of 800 thousand people, its not small but also not that very massive. In this city we have Mgła, Kriegsmaschine, Medico Peste, Mord'a'Stigmata, Odraza, Owls Woods Graves, plenty of members of non-cracovian bands (like Voidhanger) and plenty of other, smaller but also remarkable acts.

As we are a Hungarian crew, we'd like to ask that what do you know about Hungary? Have you ever been here, what kind of experiences you gain here during your visit. What do you know about the Hungarian Black Metal underground?

Hungarian movies is what first comes to my mind - György Pálfi - especially Free Fall, Béla Tarr, and the great, haunting soundtrack of Mihály Víg. Good wine and good food. Tormentor.

My first time in Hungary was 2016, when we played show in Dürer Kert with Mgła, which still to this day is one of my favourite shows. The show was dark and angry, and the people were fully in it - immersed and aggressive.

Oh, and Anna Csillag, that appears in one of my favourite books. Have you heard about her?