Corrupt Conversation | Djevel

Conversation with Trånn Ciekals on behalf of Norwegian Black Metal band Djevel

How would you like to influence your audience through your music, what kind of impact you'd like to give?

First and foremost I create this music for my own satisfaction, i don't have a specific goal about how it is supposed to infect anyone lese. BUT if i can hav e it my way I would appreciate if people that listen to Djevel can use it to go to their darkest corners of their mental world. That is what black metal is about; find and strengthen your dark desires, thoughts and will to go where you need to be.

What is your personal credo? Do you follow a religious, moral or theoretical code?

I did when i was younger, but over the years i have grown into being my own religion and moral. I don't have a personified god i worship; I see everything from my point of view and I act and respond accordingly to what i see fit.

What is the main motivation that drives you to create music?

To get all my feelings and thoughts channeled into something physical which again can be used to take things to to next level. If I were to keep all this inside and never let it out it would become too much and result in my personal Ragnarok every fucking day.

What are the answers that only black metal can provide to the recent life we live in?

I can't speak for anyone else than myself here, but it is a gateway to a different state of mind and to a place i think is hard to combine with these times. It helps me drift far away and to grow in a direction i would not easily find elsewhere

What is the recent status of your local black metal community?

I have not belonged to a black metal community since 1995. I have friends that plays in Taake, Darkthrone etc, but i don't consider that to be a community, I would rather call it a gentleman's club.

What do you know about Hungary? Have you ever been here, what kind of experiences you gain here during your visit. What do you know about the Hungarian Black Metal underground?

It got hit by the Christian Plague in year 1000 if I am not wrong, and then the Turks invaded you in 1526, I have been to Budapest 2 times. I am aware off all your classical composers as I enjoy classical music, but i have as far as i remember never heard any Hungarian Black Metal bands except Tormentor