The Program of Lucifer

We conducted some theological conversations and common hate meditation over the most diabolical Black Metal records of all time. We are speaking of records with the undeniable atmosphere when probably the old man himself was present at the recording session. While it's still subjective, we really would like to distance this list from the regular best of ones. We literally focused on the macabre audial hell.

listen his program while reading

1. Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Visual and audial epitome of sonic black mass, the Grand Grimoire of pulsing darkness, counterpart of the Prince of Hell. The definitive Black Metal record.

2. Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Black Metal Manifesto, the purest essence of all evil that ever taped, one threatening shadow of the Horns.

3. Samael - Worship Him

Occult essence, the first temptation of man that echoes through ages in honor of Him.

4. Beherit - Drawing Down The Moon

Isolated, distant and cold, a different kind of his manifestations, cosmic evilness that echoing in the void.

5. Impaled Nazarene - Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz

Twisted vision of impure orgies, a pulsing, breathing mass of raw flesh, one grotesque abomination.

6. Deathspell Omega - Si Monvmentvm, Reqvires Circvmspice

Perplexing interpretations, a reformation, a new renaissance of litanies.

7. Katharsis - World Without End

The once established Evil reinterpreted and boiled in the black cauldron of deepest hell to an unresting sulphuric storm.

8. Cultes Des Ghoules - Haxan

Ritual evil that summons Majesties by the ancient power of black magic through the stereos.

9. Sarcofago - INRI

Like the young Antichrist who just discovers the corruption of our world, still naive but already raging in its all destroying relentless power.

10.Bathory - Under The Sign Of The Black Mark

The triumphant march what opened the gates of hell once and for all, the trumpet that unleashed the demonic hordes upon earth, the first revelation.

+ honorary mention:

11. Abigor - Fractal Possession

Footprint of the 21st century Devil, modern, decadent and denial, a digital cloven hoof.