Corrupt Conversation | Urn

Conversation with Sulphur on behalf of Finnish Black Metal band Urn

How would you like to influence your audience through your music, what kind of impact you'd like to give?

Ah…everyone can take it as they want. As long as there is a reaction its good, even if there is not, i can deal with that. I used to get such a massive disappointments since coming back after soul destroyers. World is changing and we are getting old! I just think today there is too much music and it just disappear in the mass. Thats what happened to us as well..thats my feeling. Basically i have zero interest what impact to give.

What is your personal credo? Do you follow a religious, moral or theoretical code?

I just follow my stupid thoughts which have led me into fiery pits of economical crisis and huge problems all over.

What is the main motivation that drives you to create music?

The inner demons. Those fuckers just never let me rest in peace.
How many times i have been cursing myself why the fuck i even do this..yet..i record riffs and gather songs. Don't know where i use them or when but just being creative all the time. That gives me kind of peace for myself when done this progress until next day or week later demons are knocking again. So, am i lying here? told you they never let me rest..they actually gives me a rest in between, its just a mystery how long it last, i never know.

What are the answers that only black metal can provide to the recent life we live in?

Todays world seems to fukken crazy piece of shit. So, fuck off!

What is the recent status of your local black metal community?

Uh, there aren't even a status..or if there is. I have no idea. I am isolated person and live in a countryside not giving a single fuck what is happening around.

As we are Hungarian crew, we'd like to ask that what do you know about Hungary? Have you ever been here, what kind of expereinces you gain here during your visit? What do you know about the Hungarian Black Metal underground?

I have no penpals, or friends in Hungary. Never been there. Sometimes seen some pics on Facebook that friends been playing there.So basically know nothing whats up there..oh porn industry there is a lot of hungarian girls i think? Not expert in that but nice ladies always gets my interest.